Slack January 13, 2022 Toffer Team loses Kickstarter funds due to ‘damages’


Toffer Team loses Kickstarter funds due to ‘damages’

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In July of last year, it was made known that the developers of Lewd Idol Project, Toffer Team, had been locked out of their PayPal account and lost access to their remaining funds from their 2020 Kickstarter. In their statement on Twitter, the team specifies that they were locked out of their account due their content being related to ‘sexual services.’

Toffer Team has since released and update on Twitter on the current situation of their barred funds:

It seems that Paypal has seized the remaining funds due to ‘damages’ and will not be refunded.

Also in the Twitter thread, Toffer Team gives some details on possible future funding ventures and the what this means for Lewd Idol Project. Anyone wanting to support Toffer Team can do so by buying their game on Steam or


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1 year ago

This is why we need decentralized alternatives. If PayPal can get away with this, what’s stopping other payment processors from following suit?

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