Slack March 18, 2022 Survival Adventure game Tame It! Releases onto Steam


Survival Adventure game Tame It! Releases onto Steam

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The uniquely presented game, Tame It!, has just released on the popular PC marketplace Steam. As described by the developers, Manka Games, Tame It! is a survival adventure game with resource management and ‘wild beauties.’

Tame It! has been in development for about two years, and the version releasing on Steam will be the final version. The story follows Lee as a short plane trip ends in disaster as he is stranded on a remote island in the Bahamas. Now Lee has to survive on the island while also searching for a lost companion and befriending the ‘locals.’

You can purchase the game on Steam here for $16.99 or your regional equivalent.

Keep an eye out for future coverage of this game!


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