Perverteer March 26, 2021 Subverse Releases in Early Access on Steam


Subverse Releases in Early Access on Steam

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As reported previously, Studio FOW Interactive have released the first chapters of Subverse on Steam today. The adult sci-fi tactical RPG has been in development since 2019 after being successfully funded through Kickstarter. The game has been published for a few hours now and is already getting very positive reviews on Steam. The game will be made available on Streemster, built specifically for this purpose by Studio FOW, at a later date for players who, for some reason, cannot play the game via Valve’s marketplace.

In Subverse, players will explore the Prodigium Galaxy, filled with original lore, dozens of star systems and hundreds of planets. Sexy ladies are also abound in this game and the action isn’t limited to space and ground combat, things will be happening between the sheets too… In addition, Subverse features Studio FOW’s signature animations, music and voice-acting.


I create adult visual novels, with the help of a couple of awesome volunteers who test and proofread my work. My projects include Sisterly Lust (completed) and Tales From The Unending Void (in development). Both are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

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1 year ago

As I cannot access the game on Steam in my country, I’m still waiting eagerly for the launch of Streemster. Hope they get the platform running soon as I’m really excited for Subverse after all the good press it already got.

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