Perverteer April 28, 2021 Redamz Forced to Change Game, Leaves Patreon


Redamz Forced to Change Game, Leaves Patreon

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Redamz, developer of Monster Girl Island and a big Patreon creator with over 13.000 patrons, was recently contacted by Patreon’s Trust and Safety Team. According to the team, Monster Girl Island doesn’t comply with Patreon’s content guidelines and suggested a series of changes, which is what the platform usually does in these cases. One of the required changes would be to alter the family dynamics of two female characters (Ara and Faranne), so that they’re not adoptive sisters any longer.

Patreon has taken a no-tolerance approach with regards to incest, even ruling out step-relationships. Monster Girl Island seems to be the latest victim of the platform’s rules. While most creators comply with the required changes, Redamz has chosen the nuclear option and will remove his Patreon account in a few weeks, leaving behind a large group of patrons.

In a long news post shared by the developer, all patrons are thanked for their support and development of the game seems to still be on track. Redamz doesn’t want to rely on crowfunding any longer, opting to publish their game on storefronts like and Steam. The message reads as follows:

Leaving Patreon
I wish I didn’t have to post this right after coming back, but it’s not on me this time. I guess Patreon higher ups liked it more when I was gone.

Patreon has tightened their rules once more. While I had avoided all of their previous witch hunts, it seems they finally don’t like MGI anymore.

They’ve requested me to make changes to the game (stupid things like making ara and faranne not adoptive sisters if they are to share a scene), which if you all know me, you will know I’ll never do.  I barely even listen to suggestions because I’m stubborn on sticking to my vision.

I don’t give a damn about American politics, I live in a small 3rd world country in the middle of nowhere. But we all know that West Coast tech companies have their own circlejerk where they think they have the moral high ground over everyone else.

I’ve been dwelling these pasts couple weeks on whether I wanna give Patreon the middle finger in some grand way, but I honestly, don’t care. If you all wanna fight the injustice I support you, but I’m too jaded to do anything.

I could easily go to subscribestar or pixiv fanbox, but honestly, I don’t need it. You guys have been beyond awesome these past years and I’m grateful. Thanks to your help I can easily finish MGI at my own pace.

I can work much more efficiently if I don’t have to show constant progress. As useful as it is, I don’t wanna rely on crowdfunding ever again, though as I said, I’m really really grateful to you all.

Make sure to join if you haven’t already. Any progress I might post will go there, I’ll rebrand the patrons channel as an updates channel.

As for the fate of MGI, well, nothing about the end product will change. I’ll just approach developing more efficiently with less updates and no wip builds.
I might consider the idea of splitting the game into 2 parts though, or even release MGI as a full game that goes up to the first major climax and make the rest of the story a sequel, we’ll see.
I’ve been meaning to upgrade to Unity 2021, but after making a small jam game with it, I can confidently say that upgrading MGI to it would imply remaking the game from scratch, that’s why making the latter part of the story a sequel instead would be a cool thing to do, Unity 2021 would allow far better visuals.

Well, that’s it for now! I will keep patreon up for some weeks (if they don’t delete it first lol) so people can see this, but no more charges.

Updates go on discord now (Until discord decides they don’t like nsfw either, which is already happening :^)  ) .



I create adult visual novels, with the help of a couple of awesome volunteers who test and proofread my work. My projects include Sisterly Lust (completed) and Tales From The Unending Void (in development). Both are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

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1 year ago

I don’t really get why those platform owners do that. I mean in the end they earn good money for every successful content creator on their platform. Do they really think that some people will avoid their platform altogether just because of some of the available content (that isn’t really visible anyways if you do not search for it specifically)? Or do they just love to lecture people from what they think is the moral high ground?

Manka Games
Manka Games
1 year ago

While society opens to adult games, platforms are moving in the opposite direction

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