PixelRepublic April 15, 2021 Red Falls gets its Stream release


Red Falls gets its Stream release

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Following on from their previous game, Lewd Island, X RED Games are out with their a new one; Red Falls, and right off the bat the game is getting it’s Steam release.

Finishing another year of college you hope to spend the summer break with your girlfriend. But, one unexpected phone call later you are plunged into a crazy story filled with with sex, humor, romance, drama and maybe even love.

You can check out Red Hills on Steam.

Are you a fan of Lewd Island? Will you be playing Red Falls? Let us know in the comments below.


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1 year ago

Never heard of this game or developer. But the renders look promising. I might give this a shot. I’m happy for them to get it released on Steam for the extra exposure, although I myself do not benefit from it as all adult games are still banned on Steam in my country 🙁

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