Dragonslayer13 April 14, 2021 Psychodelusional finally releases his much-awaited game “Apocalust”


Psychodelusional finally releases his much-awaited game “Apocalust”

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Psychodelusional, who is known for his previous game “Dark neighborhood”, has reportedly released a “scene demo” for his new game Apocalust. Apparently, his new game has been in the works for nearly a year or so. This scene demo demonstrates the quality of visuals that the game will feature.

The scene demo has been praised very much for its visuals but, it was told to be a short one. How ever long it took for this demo, this really gave AVN lovers something to look forward to. Now, the only question is when will the next version of this game release!? Only time will tell.

You are a young man and budding photographer. You live an average and moral life, just trying to figure things out in the world until you come into contact with an ancient, otherworldly relic, granting you a powerful set of “strange” and “metaphysical” abilities.
With this new set of powers, you attempt to go back to your normal life and routine… but that soon proves difficult as giving in to your own lust and greed becomes far too easy when your mind and body are empowered and corrupted by the ancient relics touch.
Live a double life, as you try to balance multiple growing romances and relationships while protecting yourself from the shadows in the dark, whose aim, yet unknown, could be to take it all away from you.
Pick a side to stand for, be it good, evil, or somewhere in the grey. The ramifications of your choices and actions will have a ripple effect across your small town, changing not just your life and relationships, but the whole town and eventually… the world.

– Psychodelusional team.

Have played this “scene demo” of Apocalust? Feel free to tell us how you feel about it in the comments below.


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1 year ago

when is the sequel to this? everyones already waiting

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