PixelRepublic December 15, 2020 Pornhub Removes Millions of Videos After Abuse Investigations

Pornhub Removes Millions of Videos After Abuse Investigations

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Pornhub has engaged in a massive purge of it’s platform, removing content from unverified users.

The purge comes less than a week after Visa, and MasterCard bailed on the platform amid allegations that the site was host to both underage and sex-trafficked content.

According to a report from Motherboard, the purge brings the total number of videos on the site down from 13.5m to just 4.7m.

However, in a statement released by Pornhub, the platforms attempt to celebrate their dedication to combat illegal content is overshadowed by the fact that this move only came after external investigations by Visa, MasterCard and other advocacy groups.

This move is too little too late for the victims of abuse who have been unlawfully portrayed on their site. Many of which were underage at the time. A New York Time opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof, outlined their cases.


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