PixelRepublic September 24, 2021 Plexstorm is down again, but will it be out for good!?


Plexstorm is down again, but will it be out for good!?

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Plexstorm, the adult streaming website that has been plagued with issues from its beginning, is still having major issues with their platform, and this time, things are very uncertain for the content creators that use it, and for their funds.

This morning, Plexstorm’s creators were greeted with a message from a community manager after weeks of reported issues, where people were informed that there is no expected date for the return of the site.

What is more, creators were informed that their payouts would also be frozen.

Earlier this year, we reported on major issues that Plexstorm was experiencing, however at the time, they attributed the issues to an unknown external source. Seven months later, it seems that Plexstorm is still trying to blame its problems on the same source.

With many of Plexstorm’s biggest names already jumping ship, this might be the final nail in the coffin for the ill-fated platform.

Full statement from Platform:


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1 year ago

With Goohshi and Plexstorm gone, Does anyone know a place where people can freely stream NSFW games? The closest to my answer is Picarto however I feel like most people wouldn’t migrate there due to it being more of a development stream rather than a gaming website.

1 year ago
Reply to  PixelRepublic

Hey! Super awesome! Thanks for the reply.

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