Perverteer September 21, 2021 Patreon Will Require 18+ Creators to Verify Their Identity


Patreon Will Require 18+ Creators to Verify Their Identity

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Patreon published a blog post yesterday detailing some of the upcoming changes to their platform as part of the Creator Policy Engagement Program. The announced changes are of particular note for 18+ creators as they deal with the more stringent requirements forced by payment provider MasterCard on merchants.

Sometime in the second half of 2021, creators will be asked to provide consent documentation if their content features real people. As Patreon prohibits the dissemination of pornography featuring real people, this change will likely hit only a small part of its userbase.

The second requirement involves the confirmation of the date of birth and identity of all 18+ creators. People will have to submit a passport, identity card, or any other government-issued identification, in order to prove their age and identity. This requirement will be rolled out for new 18+ creator signups first, with the existing group of creators following at a later date.

The new MasterCard requirements will certainly send some ripples through the 18+ Patreon community. Personal information is often closely guarded by adult content producers, for fear of unwanted exposure. How Patreon will handle the whole situation will be made clear during their scheduled policy Livestream.


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1 year ago

I can;t wait until cryptocurrency is the new defaulkt payment method. Fuck prude dictator credit card companies, it shouldn’t be any of their business what the transactions are actually for, they still get their 3% regardless.

Baron Von Motte
Baron Von Motte
11 months ago

Unfortunately, the eunuchs rule the Earth…

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