OfficiallyGames August 25, 2021 OnlyFans suspends policy change


OnlyFans suspends policy change

This News article is over 30 days old. As a result, information supplied in it may be out of date.

On the 19th August 2021 OnlyFans made a statement about a new policy that banned ‘Sexually Explicit’ content from there site starting October 1st. The policy was apparently introduced so they can keep payment processors, such as Mastercard, secured to continue supporting their creators.

The change in policy has received backlash from the adult community and especially sex workers – some of which make their entire income on OnlyFans. It is believed the cause of the policy change was due to pressure from religious groups such as Exodus Cry, who had previously tried to get the adult porn site PornHub shutdown.

Though things may change as today as OnlyFans made a statement on Twitter stating that they have suspended their plan for the new policy and that they support their diverse community and stand for inclusion to provide a home for all creators.

We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 1 policy change.


Will this change be permanent though? As they used ‘suspended’ instead of ‘cancelled’ which could indicate its only temporally halted depending on the payment processors and banks responses. Could this be the victory for the adult industry and a needed help strengthen the public opinion of sex workers and possibly help in future instances similar to this? Perhaps both OnlyFans and the banking companies are starting to realize how financial beneficial the adult industry is.


Hey! I'm 'OfficiallyGames' and also go by 'OG'. I started playing lewd games back in March 2020, the first game I played was 'Witch Trainer: Silver Mod' but it was 'Sisterly Lust' and 'My New Family' that got me hooked. Since then I have been inspired to become an AVN developer myself.

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