Gu57avo September 20, 2022 Mist banned from Steam


Mist banned from Steam

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If you were looking for the game’s Steam page today, you would have been met with a search page completely devoid of 395_games’ title.

The game, that was set to be released this Fall, has been banned due to depictions of “sexual acts with a minor”, as mentioned by the developer on this post on popular forum F95Zone.

“I’m kinda lost right now. She has a petite body type but she really isn’t depicted as a minor at all.”

395_games on said post. (Referring to Mia, pictured at the top.)

If you’ve played the game before, you’re probably surprised too, since the character in reference is never referred to as a minor, nor does she act as one. At the end of the day, this is all speculation anyway, since the developer is just guessing as to what they could’ve banned the game for, as there’s no specific reasoning given by Steam. And when Steam still hosts a myriad of anime styled games with characters with “dubious ages” involved in sexual acts, this makes for a puzzling ban.


“I always thought my game was pretty vanilla. A ban on steam is surprising.”

What do you think of the ban? is it deserved? Is Mia a problematic character? Do you think they’ll reverse their decision and the game will be back?. Leave your thoughts below, and we’ll update you with news regarding the ban as and when we can.


Look Mom, I'm writing about porn games now! Are you proud of me?

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5 months ago

Is it maybe b/c of the game’s name? Maybe they thought it was too close to Myst and didn’t want to deal with the legal hassles maybe? IDK.

6 months ago

This is shocking and yet unsurprising. Large companies are the same; punish the small devs so they can been “seen” to be doing their part. All the while giving the money makers the blind eye approach.

I am hoping it’s just an innocent ban and that it will get overturned. Mist is a great story and a tame one too. There’s nothing about Mia that would make me even consider her being a ‘minor’. They need to take context and content into account too, not just an image.

If Mist gets a permo ban for that then I’m afraid Vanilla and Chocola are in serious trouble along with the entire ‘nubile’ porn industry.

6 months ago

I have a feeling it’s due to the recent twitter minor nudity situation. (and not only)
So steam wants to be as sure as possible in that regard. Maybe there will even be a need to explicitly state for a character that it’s NOT a minor in the future. In any case, great reporting.

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