Dragonslayer13 June 21, 2021 Milfy City: Big Announcements and change of plans


Milfy City: Big Announcements and change of plans

This News article is over 30 days old. As a result, information supplied in it may be out of date.

ICSTOR, the developer of Milfy City, who was inactive the last couple of months decided to respond to his fans. He talked in his discord and also made a post on Patreon explaining the current situation, what is coming, and what can we expect from him in the future. There is an announcement with a release plan that Icstor intends to execute, which I will explain now.

Many speculated that this sudden activeness is the consequence of the “abandoned” tag on the F95ZONE website but ICSTOR denies it and explains the reason. I quote:

It’s not about the abandoned tag, but maybe it was a trigger. Patreon reviewed my page the third time this month because of a lot of reports about the lacking progress. I don’t really wanna write them again that I’m working on the game so that’s why I changed the release schedule, but the general plan to release version 1.0 this year is still valid.

This actually makes sense because, even if F95ZONE is huge, that tag doesn’t seem to have any effect neither on ICSTOR’s finances nor on his significance because he still has the numbers on his side. But I believe that the shadow of doubt will always exist around him unless…he sticks to his new plan and keeps this promise.

ICSTOR announced that instead of releasing the whole game at once like he previously planned, he aims to release it in smaller pieces by giving Bi-Weekly updates. The first release is set to drop on July 14th followed by another one on July 31st. Similarly, an update will be out every 2 weeks, and this time instead of giving major updates like 0.7, 0.8 we will have version number according to the amount of progression an update has, like starting with 0.71 then to 0.75 something like that progressing finally to reach V1.0.

ICSTOR also said that he will try to be more active on his discord which is a good thing. Anyways, that’s it for this article, I will probably follow this up if we have new information.
If you want to read ICSTOR’s full post and get more info about upcoming content, visit their Patreon.


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Cum Truise
Cum Truise
1 year ago

This didn’t age well.

1 year ago

I can’t say I believe him, I can only wait

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