PixelRepublic April 26, 2023 Itch.io Update – Owner ‘Leafo’ Statement on Payment Fiasco


Itch.io Update – Owner ‘Leafo’ Statement on Payment Fiasco

This News article is over 30 days old. As a result, information supplied in it may be out of date.

We previously reported on some developers receiving emails from Itch.io stating that they will no longer be supporting “Payment by Itch.io”.

Now the owner of Itch.io, ‘Leafo’, has come out with a statement on the companies Discord server, trying to explain things further.

When you opt your account into our payouts system, you are asking us to take on the liability of selling your work on all of our merchant accounts, payment processing services, etc. As described in the email, there are many factors that contribute to the risk associated with running an account for someone. Our goal is to enable the most creators to use our service as possible. However, when a seller knowingly shares content that may pose potential issues, it becomes unfair to the rest of the creators we serve.

I try to avoid mentioning revenue share in these types of discussions, as we aren’t asking people to set their rev share to anything specific to get access. But, the arrangement I described above can be especially disheartening when many of these sellers also set their rev share to 0. I’m fairly sure the devs are very much aware of the risks and are purely taking advantage of the situation. It’s a lose-lose situation for itch.io. Unfortunately that leaves us in a tricky position and we sometimes need to make the difficult decision about what accounts are eligible for certain features.

Hope that gives you some clarity about our process.

Source – Itch.io Discord: https://discord.com/channels/98142307840200704/98161417298939904/1100527187565760674

However, when many creators tried again and again to get clarification on certain points, they were issued with a removal warning and accused of simply trolling. As if somehow, their concerns and outrage were not justified.

We’ve reiterated multiple times that changing revenue share will have no impact on the decision for the account. At this point, based on your other replies, it appears you’re just going to troll about this indefinitely. So this is your final warning before we remove you from this server. I understand you’re upset, but spreading misinformation about what’s happening only makes it more difficult for everyone. We don’t appreciate that kind of discussion here.

Source – Itch.io Discord: https://discord.com/channels/98142307840200704/98161417298939904/1100570585253298288

If you have been affected by the issues with Itch.io payment we would love to hear from you in the comments below, or on our Discord server.


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