TotesNotThea October 2, 2022 Is Personal Trainer getting a Steam release?


Is Personal Trainer getting a Steam release?

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UPDATE: This is now definitely getting a Steam release, you can see the page here –

Rumours are circulating on Discord that Personal Trainer is getting a redux and a release on Steam.

The rumours are that Domiek (the dev of Personal Trainer) is thinking about releasing the game on Steam. He will also be adding more endings/improving the endings; this is after numerous complaints from players that it “ended abruptly” or “didn’t have a proper ending for all girls”. When I reached out to Domiek, this is what he had to say…

“Lol which one of my confidants has the big mouth?
It’s true that I’ve been toying around with the idea of a Steam release but the current state of the game would require additional work. Quite a lot of people felt it ended abruptly so I wouldn’t feel comfortable releasing it on Steam without additional development. There’s also the effort in cleaning up the script and code, removing any potential copyright (such as Leo Decaprios meme face) and then grading every render and animation to try to make the visuals more uniform across the three render engines used. If there’s significant demand for it I may consider it. I’m currently occupied with wrapping up the release of the second episode of In a Scent and don’t have the time to give this much thought at this moment. Maybe in the near future I’ll set up a Steam page for Personal Trainer and if it hits some magical number of wishlists (6969?) I’ll split some development time to polish it for a release.”

Domiek, October 2022
Amy, one of the characters players are saying didn’t get a proper ending.

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11 months ago

Fuck YES!!!!

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