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Gumdrop Games Releases, Something!?

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A good while back, we reported on the ongoing fiasco that has been going on with the development of Dual Family.

It’s developer, Gumdrop Games, has now released a new update to their game via their website.

But it isn’t what you might expect, and it certainly isn’t what their fans and supporters were hoping for.

Blooming love…

This update contained no actual content. Players are treated by an eleven minute video of a dancing skeleton by way of an introduction. After that there is a piano mini-game where players need to learn a G minor scale, and some samples of commissioned animations. Importantly, however, it contains a discussion (voiced in Italian) between the animation and the minigames. The discussion is regarding growing to hate something you once loved, hinting possibly at Gumdrop being unable to proceed because they now hate the game they started.

A member on F95Zone discovered a hidden message within the animation, and following their instructions we have conducted our own examination of the message in the video and discovered the following:

I should believe in myself. I’m actually taking myself seriously
You understand that you’re actually sharing and believing in things inside of your head that are signs of… That I’m ignoring again and again.
Things that hurt or feel bad.
But you, some part of you knowing what you have to do to get out of your situation.

Gumdrop Games is taking in $7k per month, at least, without delivering any content. They have been getting away with scamming people for over two years now.

We don’t either.

This whole update feels like a troll. After two and a half years with no content, to be presented with this seems like a slap in the face.

According to the release schedule provided by Gumdrop Games, another instalment of the game supposedly will drop on February 26th, but with this release everything seems up in the air.


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1 year ago

I think he’s reliving a past experience and thought it would be a great novel, maybe it brought back some depressing matters that he can’t seem to continue to develop and close out his game. Sucks to be the dev if that’s the case, it was a great game. Unfortunately, I think people should really move on

1 year ago

I’m just baffled at this point.

Baffled that this is still going on, that people pay this scammer more than 7k a month, that staff on a certain message board protect him and his game, rather than trying to protect people on said board from Gumdrop and his practices.

And tbh, what has shocked me the most for years is how many people consider the pretentious bs he puts out (when he actually puts out content) to be good, even great.

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