PixelRepublic November 30, 2020 Goohshi.com shuts down and deletes everything.


Goohshi.com shuts down and deletes everything.

This News article is over 30 days old. As a result, information supplied in it may be out of date.

Update 30/11 (6+ hours): It seems that the Goohshi.com website is now down in its entirety, dispelling any hope that Streamers could access their funds. The site was apparently brought back to allow streamers to collect their earnings, however streamers reported being unable to login to the site for this brief period.

This morning in a very suspicious move, Goohshi.com has ceased operations.

Their team and streamers were notified by a post on their Discord server.

According to sources, the reason given was that their financial backer had pulled out.

An hour after that Discord post, both their Discord server and Twitter account were deleted. While their website was brought down, it was brought back so that their streamers could withdraw money that they had earned, however, from speaking to a few resident streamers, at the time of writing, these streamers are still unable to access their accounts or funds.

Goohshi.com had been plagued with Managerial, Financial & PR issues for a long time now; however, the biggest disappointment has been their treatment of the streamers on their platform.

The website and its owner (Ms.Goohshi) were shown a lot of love and trust by their fans. This move was a perfect example of the lack of care or respect shown by their management team, to the people that made their platform what it was.

If you have any personal stories or evidence about the closure of Goohshi.com, please feel free to share them with us. You can do so in the comments below, on our Discord server, or via our tips channel at [email protected]


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1 year ago

Twitch needs to add a +18 category for adult games. A man can hope… (it won’t happen)

1 year ago

Platform was bad anyway. 😀 Nobody cared.

1 year ago

*sigh* Damn…

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