Perverteer February 15, 2021 First Part of Subverse Has a Release Date

First Part of Subverse Has a Release Date

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FOW Interactive, an offshoot of the 3D animation collective Studio FOW, has announced a release date for the first six chapters of their sci-fi tactical RPG Subverse: March 26th, 2021. The game will be released on Steam where an Early Access store page has already been set up. In a development update posted on Kickstarter the team revealed the launch date and detailed some of the gameplay.

Subverse has been a Kickstarter success, hitting its funding goal by amassing over £1.6 million in just one month back in 2019. Originally intended as an experiment to test the limitations of Studio FOW’s Unreal animation pipeline, Subverse ultimately evolved into a twenty-two chapter RPG project, excluding side quests.

The development of the project has not been without controversy, such as the trouble involving a promotion event with a right-wing YouTuber and dealing with disgruntled backers over failing to hit the milestones on their much-amended development roadmap. With the March release date set, development of Subverse seems to be on track again.


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