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Farmer’s Dreams Development now on Hold

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MuseX (Farmer’s Dreams‘ developer) announced on January 19th that development on the game would be paused indefinitely. The developer clarified that by no means is the game cancelled or abandoned, but that due to what could be described as burnout, the game’s development will not continue until further notice.

… Farmer’s Dreams development is now officially on hold. I still want and definitely will finish it at some point, but right now I need some time away from it and the pressure I feel to finish it.


Farmer’s Dreams isn’t MuseX’s only game, and from the announcement we know that Love Season (MuseX’s other game), isn’t affected by this; in fact, the developer plans to focus development on Love Season. The game is a Visual novel, compared to Farmer’s Dreams which is an RPG, Love Season also happens to be based on the former, and both games share some characters.

The truth is I’m tired of making the game. I’ve been making games as a hobby on RPG Maker for about 20 years now, and I thought I’d never get over it. Making Farmer’s Dreams was FUN.


Fermer’s Dreams’ story isn’t over yet, not only because the game could continue development further down the road, but also because Love Season is in a way a continuation of the story. In that way, you can be sure that Farmer’s Dreams’ story isn’t done yet, even if development doesn’t ever resume.

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