Envixer March 18, 2021 Dimensions: Story Mode gets a Steam Release!


Dimensions: Story Mode gets a Steam Release!

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A companion app of the free-to-play adult brothel management game, Dimensions VIP, Dimensions: Story Mode, is now available on Steam.

Dimensions is story rich universe in which inter-dimensional travel is possible, allowing the player to visit realities in which small historical events have caused massive differences from our own. There are currently 4 dimensions released, with plans (and funding) for many more. The franchise has dozens of uniquely crafted girls, over 40 stories, 400+ hand-drawn 2d scenes, and over 5000 lines of dialogue.

Dimensions: Story Mode is perfect for players not wanting to play the brothel management game but still want to read the stories, and even for the players who like the game but struggle to unlock rare content or girls. In Story Mode, there is no gameplay, just all the content, organized in fully searchable story lines.

MOBSoft Funstuff

It should be mentioned that Dimensions: Story Mode will be updated with future content from Dimensions VIP, so it’s a game that will grow!


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