Perverteer January 20, 2021 DAZ3D Releases Genesis 8.1


DAZ3D Releases Genesis 8.1

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DAZ3D has released an update to their current generation of 3D models, Genesis 8.1. DAZ3D is one of the most popular (free) applications used in the creation of 3D imagery commonly found in erotic games and most of the models used in those games (often in compromising situations) are based on Genesis. The update features several improvements to the previous iteration, including improved facial expressions, facial features (eyes and lashes), better teeth, and more realistic skin.

To enhance the female and male models further, body hair (including vellus hair) has also been added in addition to the updated skin shaders and textures. The default penis and vagina shipped by DAZ3D can now also be added to Genesis 8.1 Female and Male models indiscriminately.

The improvements to the facial structure of Genesis 8.1 are built on a new system called FACS (Facial Action Coding System). The system allows for more fine-grained control over expressions, breaking them down into individual muscle movements.

Promo video showing off the improved facial features of Genesis 8.1 made possible by FACS.

Several assets based on Genesis 8.1 have already been released, including an update to the popular Victoria 8 model. Some older DAZ assets created for Genesis 8 (such as facial morphs and expressions) will most likely not be compatible with the new 8.1 version of Genesis. There’s no word on any conversion scripts for these outdated packages yet.

Check out the Genesis 8.1 update here.


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