Perverteer May 29, 2021 Captain Hardcore Developer Discord Server Hacked


Captain Hardcore Developer Discord Server Hacked

This News article is over 30 days old. As a result, information supplied in it may be out of date.

AntiZero, developer of Captain Hardcore (a lewd science-fiction game, compatible with VR devices and Fleshlights), have posted an announcement on Patreon about the hacking of their Discord server. An unknown perpetrator took control of the server and allegedly posted a message about the retirement of AntiZero and cancellation of the game (which would be open sourced). AntiZero have denied both the retirement and cancellation. Judging from the message, the compromised Discord server is no longer accessible and AntiZero is starting a new one in due time.

The developer is urging former members of the server to check their machines for any malware and change Discord passwords. While reformatting an entire PC due to a hacked Discord server seems like a bit of extreme advice, enabling Two-Factor Authentication is considered good security practice.

AntiZero’s entire Patreon post is reproduced in full below:

Unfortunately my Discord account and Discord server were hacked and taken over today. I’ve secured everything and will start a new official server when I can. Any announcements or messages from me on Discord today were not real and posted by the hacker. Please be assured the game is still in development and I am absolutely fine!

However – If you downloaded any cracked versions or keygens from Discord these were posted by the hacker and you should check your PC carefully for malware, or reformat it to be totally sure it’s safe. I’d also recommend changing your Discord password.

If anyone knows anything they are willing to divulge, I of course would love to hear from you but the damage is already done and I must rebuild our community. Being a solo developer this will be hard so thank you to everyone for your support and patience while I deal with this!



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