Perverteer March 9, 2021 Broken GPU? Good Luck Getting a New One

Broken GPU? Good Luck Getting a New One

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If you’re in the market to buy a new GPU, prepare to pay an awful amount of money and wait a good while on getting your hands on one. Interest in graphics cards has surged in recent months with the introduction of new hardware generations by both Nvidia and AMD. Nvidia especially has been struggling to keep up with the increased demand, and stocks of the new generation (RTX 3000) and of the previous generation (RTX 2000) have dwindled to next to nothing. Available stock also sells at almost 1.5 times the recommended pricing.

The production shift to the newer generation of hardware is only part of the problem for the shortages. The latest Bitcoin craze, fuelled by Tesla’s backing of the cryptocurrency, has also contributed to the current GPU shortages. Mining utilizes the impressive calculation powers of modern GPUs to harvest Bitcoin.

A large majority of adult game developers rely on Daz 3D and its Iray engine to create their artwork. Iray, an Nvidia technology, subsequently relies on the CUDA features found exclusively on Nvidia GPUs. The current price craze and massive shortages could spell trouble for developers who need to replace broken-down hardware or are looking to scale up their rendering workflow.

There’s no indication when stock of GPUs will normalize, but Nvidia has stated that their supply will be erratic for at least the entire first quarter of 2021.


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Chaste Degenerate
Chaste Degenerate
8 months ago

Nvidia has announced they are putting a “limiter” so cryptominers are less interested in buying those cards for mining, but they are also designing a card specifically for mining.
Can’t say i agree with that action myself. I think it’s good that they create one specifically for mining, but they shouldn’t tell people how they are allowed to use their products.