OfficiallyGames August 22, 2022 All 18+ Patreon Creators to require Age & Identity Verification


All 18+ Patreon Creators to require Age & Identity Verification

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Patreon has recently announced new updates to their ‘Age & Verification’ policy – requiring all 18+ creator accounts to be Age & Identity verified. Back in October 2021, Patreon announced that creators that were categorized as 18+ only needed to verify their age and identity with a government-issued ID if their works contained visual nudity or sexually explicit content of real people.

Now ALL creator accounts that are categorized as 18+, including NSFW game developers that use 3D Renders and animations, will be required to verify their Age and Identity with a government-issued ID.

Age verification is required of adult/18+ creators whose campaigns include one or more works containing nudity or sexually explicit content. These works can take any form, for instance: audio, text, and/or visual (including animations and depictions of human beings).

Patreon aims to roll out this new policy within the next month to 18+ Patreon creators who are actively receiving subscription payments. They will have a 2-month roll-out phase that will allow you to choose how you want to proceed; by the end of 2022, if you wish to receive your pay-outs from Patreon you will need to have completed age verification (You will receive multiple reminders to verify your age before your pay-outs are affected). They aim to have all Patreon creators in compliance by the 2nd quarter of 2023.

For more details and information, you can read their blog post here.


Hey! I'm 'OfficiallyGames' and also go by 'OG'. I started playing lewd games back in March 2020, the first game I played was 'Witch Trainer: Silver Mod' but it was 'Sisterly Lust' and 'My New Family' that got me hooked. Since then I have been inspired to become an AVN developer myself.

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