To Be A King is coming to Steam!

Well Known Animation Studio, Agent Red Girl Getting Into Game Development

Tales From The Unending Void warps onto Steam

Deliverance is coming to Steam

Now & Then Is Coming to an End

Survival Adventure game Tame It! Releases onto Steam

War in Ukraine Forces Sunbay City Developers to Delay Game

ICSTOR delays Milfy City indefinitely to work on different project

Phishing attack Hijacks Discord user Accounts

Farmer’s Dreams Development now on Hold

Toffer Team loses Kickstarter funds due to ‘damages’

Gamejolt deletes entire adult catalogue

The wait for Light of my Life Chapter 6 is Over

Patreon changing billing for the Better?

The end of Nopy?

The Spooooky Megabundle! – A bundle with 15 games is live now on Itch.io

Reserve Bank of India’s new mandates causes slew of declined transactions

Dreams of Desire: Definitive Edition is coming to Steam

Plexstorm is down again, but will it be out for good!?

Patreon Will Require 18+ Creators to Verify Their Identity

Steam Refunds Costing Devs

OnlyFans suspends policy change

OnlyFans Banning Sexually Explicit Content Starting this October

Come Home works its way to a steam release

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