Itch.io Update – Owner ‘Leafo’ Statement on Payment Fiasco

Has itch.io become an irritation too far?

DeviantArt Upsets Userbase with AI Art Generator, Then Backtracks

Mystwood Manor gets a Steam release

Is Personal Trainer getting a Steam release?

DAZ3D Announces Genesis 9

Mist banned from Steam

Patreon lays off even more staff.

Patreon Fires Entire Security Staff

Steam Completely Bans Access to Adult Games for German Players

Want Milfs in Your Mafia? Tough Luck!

All 18+ Patreon Creators to require Age & Identity Verification

To Be A King is coming to Steam!

Well Known Animation Studio, Agent Red Girl Getting Into Game Development

Tales From The Unending Void warps onto Steam

Deliverance is coming to Steam

Now & Then Is Coming to an End

Survival Adventure game Tame It! Releases onto Steam

War in Ukraine Forces Sunbay City Developers to Delay Game

ICSTOR delays Milfy City indefinitely to work on different project

Phishing attack Hijacks Discord user Accounts

Farmer’s Dreams Development now on Hold

Toffer Team loses Kickstarter funds due to ‘damages’

Gamejolt deletes entire adult catalogue

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