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Last modified: May 6, 2020.

Please ensure that you have previously read our Guide to Game Listing pages before reading this one.

The Updates Editor allows you to add any updated information to your Game Listing pages. In this section you can add updated information about a new version of your game, changelogs, bug fixes information, promoting your game on other markets, etc.

Please Note.

When adding Updates to your Game Listing page, your Updates must comply with our Terms of Service.

Games/Updates consisting of, or containing the following types of content, are not permitted on our website:

  1. Underage content. Anything that contains the sexual depiction of characters under the age of 18 is illegal and not allowed on our platform. This includes community made or enabled patches.
  2. Bestiality. Any content containing the sexual depiction of animals is not permitted. This does not include furry or anthropomorphic characters.
  3. Real porn. Real porn games use content that is the property of third parties, and is thus pirated content.

Editor Breakdown

Adding content to the Editor Screen works the same was as it does for a Game Listing page. Make sure to fill in the relevant information for the Update, as well as including a nice Featured Image for it as well.

Updates Downloads

If the Update contains a download link to your game, make sure to check ‘Yes’ here.

If you check ‘Yes’ you will be asked whether the download link is for a ‘Demo’ or the ‘Latest Version’ of your game. ‘Latest Version’ is checked by default and you will be asked for a version number as well. After filling in this information and clicking on “Add Download” you’ll be presented with this:

You will be able to choose the OS your download link is for, if your OS is not listed please let us know in our Discord server. You can add multiple download links for multiple OSs.

Related Games

In order for your Update to be displayed on your Game Listing page you need to make sure to fill in this section. The list should be populated automatically with all the Game Listing pages on the site, it automatically updates as soon as you start typing the name of your game.

When you see the name of your game show up make sure to click on it and it will show up on the right-hand column, this indicates that it is selected correctly.

For any questions, you might have, or if you need support, please do not hesitate to reach out on our Discord.