Witch Trainer: Silver

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Through time-travel mumbo-jumbo and some magical shenanigans, you find yourself stuck in a body of the most powerful wizard in the universe, known as Albin Dumbledork! Or something… But that’s not important.
You find out the castle you got yourself stuck in has dozens of hot chicks, all waiting for you to make your move! Except there’s one problem, before you became a super powerful wizard, you were a Genie, and that’s a totally different profession I’ll have you know! With absolutely no idea how that foreign magic of theirs works it is up to you to find out, or not.




2D CG 2D Game Fantasy Male Protagonist Point & Click Trainer Uncensored Animated Humor Mini-Games Parody School Setting


Corruption Creampie Exhibitionism Handjob Lesbian Male Domination Mind Control Humiliation Oral Sex Spanking Titjob Vaginal Sex

Optional Fetishes

Sharing Voyeurism

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