What Could go Wrong

First Release

This is the first release of this game. Please expect issues in it's development. Your comments and constructive feedback to the developer in the comments below can help improve this game going forward.


About my game.

You will play the role of a guy in his late 20s. You work in a workshop for a guy who helped you get out of trouble.

Life is simple until you meet a beautiful woman who threatens to make your world complicated again.
As you uncover more about the world of the main character, his past and his relationships, your role will be to make choices and face their consequences.

What Could Go Wrong?

About the mechanics.

The player will be able to shape the character through choices (red path or blue path).
However, in order to maximize points with a particular hottie, you will need to take the right path.(red, blue or mix between those statistics)
In addition, these choices will affect how the MC will react to certain situations (dialogue changes, image changes) and how individual Li reacts to the MC’s behavior. (changes in dialogues, different images)

1668 renders

The 2nd part of Ep0 has 820 renders, of which 20 renders are gallery images that you will unlock by progressing through the red path as well as the blue path.

Give it a try.

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