Trouble at Home

First Release

This is the first release of this game. Please expect issues in it's development. Your comments and constructive feedback to the developer in the comments below can help improve this game going forward.


Graduation and summer vacation are around the corner, and you’re set to make the most of it before heading off to college.

At least that was until one kind act ironically toppled the first domino of your perfect life. Well… almost perfect life.

As disasters mount, will you find how to get everything back? Or will being forced out of your comfort zone be a case of serendipity where a more exciting life with new friends, relationships, and fun awaits?

Trouble at Home is an Adult Visual Novel that follows you, the male main protagonist, in a “slice of life” teenage theme around school and relationships. There will be an emphasis on character interactions, humor (sometimes crude and dark), drama, and some romance. Sexual situations will occur throughout that will be heavily influenced by your choices, and will increase in some capacity as the game/story progresses in future episodes.

Game choices follow two rules: 1) Every choice serves some purpose; and 2) there are no strictly right/wrong options. Some choices may boost your confidence or a relationship status. But while every decision isn’t necessarily good or bad, they will determine variable story paths and opportunities available to you either immediately, long-term, or both.

Episode 1 [v1.0] is native 1080p, 30k words, 900 images, and includes music & sound effects. This first episode sets the focus on the MC, the new problems he faces, and the path to overcoming them. You are introduced to many of the supporting cast, and foundations are started for some of the love interests available as the story unfolds.

10 total episodes have been outlined for the first full season, which will explore many paths and love interests. This game contains mature content that’s not suitable for all viewers, including nudity, sexual situations, violence, harsh language, and drug use.

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