Sin City

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This visual novel is based on a boy who moves to a new city where his father went missing 3 years ago. This city which is actually named as ‘Sunburn City’ have something unusual going on. From thefts to murders, from molestations to rapes… Will the main character be able to to find his father??? The main character interacts with many other characters in the city to find his father, as well as trying to enjoy his new way of living.

You can play this visual novel as the main character and help him through his journey by making the right decisions.

The game is currently in its introductory/prologue part where you will meet new characters and interact with them and explore around the city.

This Visual Novel/Game will have about 60+ in-game characters having a significant background related to to the story.Also the game will have quite a long story, so yeah… the story is not only about the main character finding his dad.

Please support me through pledging to my patreon, it will help me develop this game further and will help support my living.




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