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REBIRTH is a deep world full of lore and a unique cast of characters, some stunning and beautiful
like the woman who kidnaps you, and othersโ€ฆ not so beautiful. But when you’re pulled into a
vicious and unforgiving world as a newly fledged vampire, you will have to survive โ€“ and there
are many ways to die. Your choices and actions have MAJOR impact on the story, and determine
how successful you will be, and affect how your powers grow, and which direction they go in.
Along your journey, you will have your pick of romance with multiple, gorgeous women, though
going after them all may have consequences! But itโ€™s your choice.




3D CG Adventure Fantasy Horror Male Protagonist Paranormal Sci-Fi Superpowers


Big Tits Groping MILF Mind Control Monster Teasing Transforming Vaginal Sex Voyeurism

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