Private Dick

Cisco Donovan
Early Access

This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


Step into the gumshoes of P.I. Sam Steele in Private Dick, a comic and erotic visual novel with a unique visual style.

Private Dick is  detective thriller, told in a classic Raymond Chandler style but with a bit more humour and a lot more sex. It is both homage and parody and shallow imitation.

A down-on-his-luck P.I. with nothing to do but drink (and maybe finally write that memoir), Steele is in a rut. The internet has driven his business into the ground: with all the information of the web at one’s fingertips, no-one seems to need a P.I. anymore.

Steele’s fortunes turn around – although not necessarily for the better – shortly after climbing into bed with a beautiful woman. Suddenly his ex-girlfriend appears out of no-where and Steele is drawn into a tangled web of corporate conspiracy, dubious morality, wanton deceit and sweaty bedsheets.

Private Dick marries a modern and relevant mystery with heady, whiskey-fuelled atmosphere and lashings of joyful depravity.

A three-way marriage? Welcome to Private Dick.


  • Creative, hardcore sex. No handjob-blowjob-vaginal-anal progressions here: Private Dick is full of creative sex scenes. Some jump straight into the action, some get a bit weird, some you just watch and enjoy.
  • Social media. Enjoy a fake social media environment and get to know the girls before and after you fuck them.
  • No hard choices. Well, maybe one.  But Private Dick isn’t about choice or consequence, it’s certainly not about sacrifice. While each scene will give you options to drive it towards your taste, there no long-term repercussions of your actions.
  • Immersive Story. Why should porn games have shit stories? Why should great stories have crappy smut? Private Dick does not compromise. Expect an epic, twisting story filled with believable characters, plus smut good enough to bust your nut.

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Game Update

The Big Preview

Game Update

Chin up, Kid, we ain’t done yet.



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