Naughty Lyanna

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Naughty Lyanna is a visual novel based on the life of the main character. Lyanna is a beautiful girl who tries to lead a normal life. She currently lives with her father and brother, but the recent change of city puts her in situations never before imagined.

She has the ambition to become a great journalist, like her father, but somehow she always gets into trouble. Don’t be surprised that somehow she always ends up getting naked during adventures. Maybe she likes it, or just too unlucky.

Lyanna will meet new people and try new experiences. She will fall in love, make friends, rivals, discover fetishes, embark on adventures. Follow her story and help her make decisions.

Naughty Lyanna focuses mainly on the exhibitionist side of our protagonist, and how it ends up affecting and infecting her friends around her. Guided by Claudia, one of her new friends, she will go deeper and deeper in her naughtiness.




Female Protagonist Mobile Game 3D CG Uncensored Romance


Lesbian Exhibitionism Masturbation Oral Sex Voyeurism Big Tits Blackmail Peeking Sex Toys Stripping

Optional Fetishes

Vaginal Sex Female Domination Footjob
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