Naked Fighter 3D

Sam 3DX
Windows PC
v2022.6 Public Release - Google.Drive
Windows PC
v2022.6 Public Release - Google.Mega


A unique adult competitive sex fighting game. It’s not a classic fighter like Mortal Kombat, based on your reactions and insane button smashing. It’s turn-based fighting where you rely on strategy and tactics.

Main features:

  • Multiplayer Virtual Playground. A sandbox mode where you can chat with other players, run with WASD keys, and use submissions on other people. 
  • Highly customizable 3D characters. I assure you – it’s the most versatile character editor you could find. You can make a sexy diva, hot MILF, or beef-muscle-killer machine;
  • Multiplayer or single-mode. You can have fully personalized custom matches exactly as you want them to be. Totally on your own. Or you can challenge other players in the competitive, multiplayer mode.
  • Tournaments. Fully customizable challenges for up to 64 characters. Create your own participants, generate opponents, define the match rules and locations, enjoy.   
  • Top-quality animation based on motion capturing, hand polishing, and real physics. This world deserves some properly bouncing breasts and swinging balls!
  • Dozens of skill combinations and fetishes. Including groin kicks, face sitting, foot fetish, humiliation, belly punching, forced sexual stimulation, femdom, maledom, sensual play, etc. It’s a naked brawl, so you never know where lies the border between pain and pleasure.
  • Different competition styles. From a regular boxing match or MMA brawl to submission wrestling and sensual erotic play. No matter if you rely on your strength and kicking technics or you’re the master of seduction and sexual domination – you could use your skills to win!
  • LGBTQ friendly. Are you into lesbian catfights or strictly gay fights? That’s a game for you. M vs M, F vs F, M vs F any combination is possible. Of course, you can limit any of the game content to fit your needs.
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