Monster XXXperiment

First Release

This is the first release of this game. Please expect issues in it's development. Your comments and constructive feedback to the developer in the comments below can help improve this game going forward.


Monster XXXperiment an Adult Management, Visual Novel.
Research monster girls and boys to further develop your career!

Take on the role of a Junior Researcher, who just applied and was hired by NYLIC Laboratories! NYLIC Laboratories specializes in researching the different likes and dislikes of monster girls and boys also known as “Kin”. Your job is to study these individuals and provide them with anything they ask for that makes researching them easier on the both of you. Success means climbing the ladder in your career while failure means you’ll be fired!

Basic Gameplay

Monster XXXperiment is a management style game and there’s 3 core resources you have to be aware of.

  • Researcher Level
  • Funding
  • Reputation

Your researcher level dictates how many monster girls and boys you can be in charge of at one time. Every time your researcher level increases you’re able to choose a new individual to be in charge of, and you get a burst of funding.

Funding is how much money you have available to you to buy what the individual is requesting. Buying what the individual wants correctly increases the amount of reputation they generate passively for you, however running out of funding can get you in trouble with the site director!

Reputation is generated passively by the individuals. Higher amounts means the research into what they like and dislike is going smoothly. After a certain amount of reputation is gained your Researcher Level will increase!


Mouse: Point and Click

Mobile: Point and Click

Lewd Content

Monster XXXperiment allows you to choose between two genders for lewd content.

  • Male 
  • Female

The body type gender you choose not only changes the sexual content but also changes dialogue as well. The game features content for different sexual preferences, but what content you see is dependent on the monster girls and boys you choose each research level.

The game features an assortment of different monster girls and boys of many different species and subtypes so theres one out there for everyone.

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