Love in the Clouds above Trinity

Society of Lust


Love in the Clouds above Trinity is a so-called kinetic visual novel. It tells the sweet and passionate story of the fated meeting of two people, Jack and Christine, in the clouds above Trinity. While the story, in words and renders, is fairly female-friendly, it does not mean there is no sex; quite the opposite is the case.


LICAT was the first story we published way back in 2018 after forming the Society of Lust, while it was initially a short story AbyssalEros wrote for Farra Triss, which Grabiobot liked so much that he needed to illustrate it.

In March 2018, we published LICAT on our Patreon page with a self-developed engine based on MonoGame using .NET Framework. However, Microsoft changed how .NET Framework behaves nowadays under Windows 10; therefore, our earlier games are not functional anymore — at least under Windows 10.

And while we are still developing our own game engine, we decided to republish our first kinetic stories using the Ren’Py engine so old and new visitors of the Trinity-verse can enjoy them.

However, since the first release, AbyssalEros honed and improved his skills steadily, and while he would have written some passages differently today, Farra managed to restrain him from doing so. In the end, we only improved the grammar of the English translation slightly and corrected a couple of typos in the German version.

Love in the Clouds above Trinity still uses the previous generation of 3D models from DAZ Studio while we have switched for our main project, My Life with Laura, to the newer Genesis 8 characters. But we think Christine is still a beautiful woman inviting to dream.


As Love in the Clouds above Trinity was initially written by AbyssalEros for Farra Triss, and we intended to release it for Valentine’s Day 2018, it is reasonably female-friendly. Therefore, we dare you to read it together with your girl.

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed when you do so; it could instead happen that you have to satisfy her needs after she read it with you. We tested it ourselves.

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