Life Changing Choices

Early Access

This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


In this deceivingly heartwarming story, you will take on the role of Kei, who was born and raised in a family shrouded by mysteries and untold stories. Losing your lover in a past tragedy, you chose to distance yourself from people, thinking that your presence alone was enough to cause them harm and pain. As you try and get back on your feet, you end up moving into a shared house and start to open up once more. However, not long after finally moving on from your pained past, you learned that your lover is still alive and that her abduction wasn’t a simple string of bad luck, but instead, something more insidious, directly connected to you and your family’s secrets that was kept hidden for decades. With the shadowy forces setting their plan in motion, will you be able to stop it and protect the girls? Or let them die by their hands?

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