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This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


You find yourself on a flight, before you reach your destination the plane inexplicably crashes. 

You wake washed up on the beach of a mysterious island, where almost everything alien and hostile to you.


Features of the game are constantly being updated.

  • IslanDeity gameplay consists visual novel like gameplay with choice options.
  • Trainer based BDSM gameplay. 
  • You will be able to capture and corrupt almost every NPC in the game.
  • Action roleplaying exploration of the world. 

Future things.


  • An overarching plot involving several settlements and other deities
  • Unique characters with their own side story.

Npc & Modification.

  • A diverse selection of randomly generated female characters.
  • Alchemy system, modify change, grow or shrink features of NPCs.
  • Character sizes ranging from tiny to large.
  • Pregnancy system with similar story features to peasant’s quest.
  • Piercings and more clothing options.
  • Monster girls through alchemy and encounters.
  • Monster girls ranging from tame cute cat girls to silent hill like monsters.

Combat and Exploration.

  • A fast paced combat system.
  • An interesting world of explore.
  • Randomly generated dungeons.

Other stuff.

  • Options to disable certain fetishes.


What’s new? 

Food and transformation

Fruit can be acquired from special trees, or trees in this case, these are basic and capped in the current version going up to 40-60% increase or decrease.

  • Basic feeding system: It will be more complex in the future and ties into alchemy.
  • 5 different types of fruit can be acquired and fed to npc’s, in future there will obviously be more.
  • Each fruit will have a very subtle effect, used for alchemy in the future for more increased effects. 
  • To get fruit, roll into trees!
  • Plum – Increase weight.
  • Strawberry – Decrease weight.
  • Bean – Increase bust.
  • Fig – Decrease bust. 
  • Raspberry, Increase rear. 

The player themselves cannot eat them as player stats are not done.


Remember that weird dodge mechanic in 0.01a, it’s back baby! 

GUI likes to conflict with the space button, really sorry! it will get it fixed in future versions, it can be annoying.

  • Dodge roll added to the game.
  • The player can roll into fruit trees in order to drop a fruit.
  • The drop is unlimited for now, just for testing sake.

Trader Clothing

You can purchase all the clothing from the village shop, there is no money in the game so it’s all free real estate. 

Trader Items

Only the framework is down, There isn’t anything to sell in the game yet and I wouldn’t bother trying to buy anything, it won’t work, but at least the shop wont soft lock players anymore. 

  • When trading is incorporated, you won’t be able to sell the fruit, there is a good reason why no one will buy them, so to save you time, please don’t go rolling into a tree to build up 4000 fruit.

Clothing customization added back

Npc clothing can be changed again.


  • New paired animation – Really happy with this one – Only works with converted characters.
  • Slight adjustments to pinned mission animation. 
  • Alternative hand and leg positions for the pinned missionary positions. 

All of these options would normally be unlocked by purchasing the book from Ezzy’s shop; I’ve temporarily enabled them until I’ve enabled a purchase method.

Bugs and other stuff.

  • Did you know pregnancy was disabled… I swear it wasn’t. It’s back up now. sorry!
  • Fixed camera bugs.
  • Fixed transitioning bugs between explore rooms.
  • Fixed issue with Body marking 03 not appearing, should appear now.
  • Fixed blushing.
  • Female sprite not disabling after finishing interaction.
  • Devotion should not reset anymore or appear to increase after stress.
  • Camera pole bug fix, whatever the fuck that was. 
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