We’re excited to present our game and say “Hello!” to you, dreamer!
After you’ll choose what to do and what you don’t in your own dream.

A game of a girl Kate, who dreams of her own apartment.
Kate is working in a massage parlor and new day is coming, it’s time to rush to work. Renting an apartment, she has her own responsibilities, but this does not stop her from going to a club, to the gym, or going to the store and buying new clothes, or she can drop in a movie or maybe a library. She is free to go.
Meeting new people on the way, one day she will go to where she had never been and could not even think about. But THIS was always with her, waiting for her awakening.

The game contains scenes of crime, violence and sex.

Characters can get into sex scenes with others. Depending on the type of work and places of stay in the game world, main character may be involved in various heterosexual, Lisbian or group scenes.

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Throwback Thursday: Insexsity

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