Inheritance:Ladeina’s Path

Kinky Lemur Games
Windows PC
v1.0 Season 1 v1
First Release

This is the first release of this game. Please expect issues in it's development. Your comments and constructive feedback to the developer in the comments below can help improve this game going forward.



Disclaimer : The game is under development phase , please check out our Season Per Season Release Strategy

Join the adventure of Astarte, promising warrior, and protector of the power of Ladeina! Customize your character and play with your style! Beat your enemies, find your way, discover your destiny.

Besides the action elements, this game will bring you exciting adult content, full of sex and erotic scenes. As Astarte, you will have a chance to solve conflicts and encounters not only with strength but also with her beauty and love.

When we played Witcher 3, we loved the emotional storytelling and the relationships between characters. When we played Skyrim, we loved the open worlds and the hidden gems on the map. ARPG has caught our eye for a long time, and we want to draw inspiration from these games in an adult genre. We imagine having much deeper and uncensored scenes with Geralt. We want to tell a compelling story, make players have an adventure in a rich and expansive world, and have experiences with outstanding erotic feelings! And that’s how Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path was born.
We will release our game for PC, season per season, adding new features, lands, characters, and improvements with each season. It’s an amazing journey that we want you to be a part of!

Enter Ezos, a grim and divided piece of land with complex dilemmas. You will find beautiful landscapes, interesting places and small villages inbetween this chaos. Astarte will travel to the different locations of Ezos during her journey to find the missing artifacts of Ladeina. You will start the journey at her village and from there, you will decide where the path will take you.

The Clan has been blessed by the Goddess, Ladeina, for thousands of generations in order to protect their power. Now with her clan on the verge of extinction, Astarte must take her first steps into an unknown world.

Every clan has different beliefs but most agree that there was a time when the Gods were walking on the earth! They gave power to humankind and watched as the clans fought each other to capture the power of the others. The Gods decided to separate this power into 2 parts. That is how the powers of Love and War were born. Goddess Ladeina and God Khain were assigned to protect these powers .

One day the Gods started to fight each other. This war took a long time and after this fight, the Gods decided to separate into many pieces and create artifacts made of these powers. Those artifacts were then hidden, although a small amount of them had been given to humankind. Nobody knows how to use these artifacts except for the Clan of Immortals.

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