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iDoll is a lewd creation app focused on providing a high level of detail control over both its characters and its environments. 

– App Features –

  • One iDoll available at launch, more characters (including male and futa options) planned for future releases. Move, Scale, and Rotate your iDoll in the scene.
  • iDoll comes with an auto-updater, ensuring that your version is always up to date and you’ll never miss new content because you forgot to download the latest release.
  • Save, load and share your iDoll’s shape settings with others. Prop positioning and scene saving coming in a future release.
  • One environment available at launch (Onsen) with more coming in future releases.   
  • Access to over 20 (and growing) controls for customizing your iDoll’s body and genitals
  • Realistic hair, ass and breast physics.
  • Three animated dildos at launch (mouth, ass, pussy), with greater support for controlling their speed and appearance coming in future updates
  • Full orbital camera with standard WASD controls.
  • Five specific controls over spreading your iDoll’s pussy and anus.
  • Six specific controls for fine tuning your iDoll’s ideal breast size and shape.
  • Four specific controls for fine tuning your iDoll’s ideal ass size and shape. 
  • Customize your iDoll’s expression through blending different expression controls, four at launch with more to come in future releases.
  • A set of fifteen SFW animated idle poses at launch with more to come in future releases.
  • A set of six NSFW sex animations at launch with more to come in future releases.
  • Two tails and two sets of ears at launch with more accessories and accessory-level customization coming in future releases.  

– Release Schedule –

Hi hi friends! I’ll be pushing builds out regularly throughout the month, the goal is to have at least one major release each month with a large feature or add-on in addition to smaller hotfixes and surprises throughout the month as well!

It’s a safe bet to expect that the frequency of content releases will rise alongside the amount of Patrons and resources that I have at my disposal to hire additional help with.

Any content developed for iDoll is available to everyone immediately upon an automatically pushed patch through our launcher.

– Current Planned Features –

  • iDoll AI. (Ability to toggle on certain things, like walking around, performing actions in scenes etc.)
  • Ability to plot points for a cinematic camera to fly through.
  • Library of skin colors for dolls.
  • Ability to spawn multiple dolls, and sex between all dolls regardless of gender.
  • Additional iDolls, including a Male, and iDolls of other species (Slime, Furry etc.)
  • Bodily fluid simulation.
  • Environment construction.
  • Doll interactions with voiced reactions. (licking, touching, slapping etc.)
  • Content packs (hair, animations, clothing, props, etc.), including the occasional packs designed around specific themes IE: Femdom, Petplay, Schoolgirl etc.
  • I’ll be looking into how to implement custom posing for your iDolls.
  • I’m (and by extension, iDoll is) LGBTQ+ friendly, so there will be little to no gender-locking of content or interactivity between dolls wherever possible.
  • Certain items such as outfits that are specifically modeled and weighted around female or male bodies would need to be recreated for their counterpart bodies, but that won’t be a problem if we have enough support coming in to cover the necessary work to get that done. I’m happy to work towards establishing this as a general rule when creating content once we can support it.




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Anal Vaginal Sex Big Ass Big Tits Big Cock Multiple Penetration Oral Sex