Harem Incarnate [v0.0.3]

First Release

This is the first release of this game. Please expect issues in it's development. Your comments and constructive feedback to the developer in the comments below can help improve this game going forward.


Koyanagi Tetsuo was living in Japan as Programmer in Big IT company, living his ideal life. One day after completing his work and was on his way home while crossing road sudden flash blind his eyes, in next moment he found himself in a room that he was not familiar with. 

After dying in accident Tetsuo was given another chance as reincarnated in another world. This world was a world of magic and knights and filled with all types of fantasy beings. He was born as Adren Crimsonhold an half elf and wanted to live normal life just like his past life, but there is only one thing he desire more than anything in this life that to make his own harem…coz he can 

Like any other isekai Adren did’t got any special power, he live mundane life with certain ambition in mind, completed his education and came back to his home. Simple isn’t it… but story is just a beginning for Adren. 

Will Adren will able to fulfil his only desire. 

Dev note:

Hey Lenon Here, I’m Artist and developer of Harem incarnate. All the art, writing story, designs and coding are done by me for now at least. Because I’m doing it alone large update is not possible for now at least, But I will update every month. If I receive enough support maybe in future I’ll increase the quantity of story per update. For now I don’t have very ambitious plan, it is all depend if the support I will receive on patreon. I will update first week of  every month.

This is just a start of Adren our main character’s isekai journey, Hope you will like it.

Please consider supporting the game on Patreon.

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