Grapple Day

Windows PC Linux MacOS
v1.3 Episodes 1-3 (Latest)
Early Access

This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


Welcome… to Grapple Day!

You’ve been keeping a secret from your new girlfriend. Every year, your fraternity hosts a private event that raises tens of thousands of dollars for the homeless: a no-holds-barred submission wrestling tournament featuring some of the hottest girls on campus. When your girlfriend finds out about Grapple Day, she’s offended. . . that you didn’t invite her to join too!

Choices Matter

Grapple Day is a visual novel with full-featured RPG battles. You decide whether your girlfriend fights strategically to dominate her opponents or whether she ends up getting totally humiliated in front of a live audience.

Fighting Dirty

Anything is fair game in these fights. Not just low blows, backbreakers, and gutpunches, but also psychological tricks. Get your opponent vulnerable enough, and you might be able to unleash a Brutality—an inescapable special finishing move.

Can Love Bloom, Even on a Battlefield?

There’s drama outside the ring too. Friendships and rivalries will form. Will your relationship with your girlfriend survive this weird test?


Contains consensual kink, including vaguely BDSM-tinged catfighting, nudity, and depictions of sex.

Development Status

New episodes drop every 1-2 months. There will be 8 total. The game is free, with updates and bonus content available on the Patreon.

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