Drifter Prince

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Drifter Prince is a realtime 3d game with exceptional graphics, deep lore, and lewd scenes animated in 3d by hand. Explore the most exotic places, meet new friends, watch the heartwarming relationships flourish.

Carefully crafted, hand-animated 3d scenes will let you truly feel connected with your partners. While the game will be quite vanilla compared to some other projects in the community, you are in for a treat nonetheless. Where else can you see people doing that in a low gravity environment? That’s right!

The game targets PC & VR platforms and is built using UE4. We are making a great effort to keep FPS at reasonable levels; however, I don’t expect the game to run smoothly on 15-year-old laptops. That’s a trade-off for modern graphics.

The Demo will be released around the Summer of 2020. It will be short, lacking most game mechanics, but it’s a start.


Unreal Engine


3D Game Adventure Animated First Person Male Protagonist Virtual Reality Uncensored Fantasy Sci-Fi Superpowers


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Optional Fetishes

Female Domination Voyeurism