Dimensions: Story Mode

MOBSoft Funstuff Inc

Early Access

This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


Dimensions Story Mode is the stories from the Dimensions universe, without the gameplay from Dimensions VIP. If you are playing Dimensions VIP for the stories, then Dimensions Story Mode is your perfect companion.

At launch, Dimensions Story Mode already has

  • Four dimensions
  • Dozens of storylines
  • 40+ Stories
  • 400+ hand drawn images
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue

In addition, this is an ongoing development, and new stories are added regularly. Any story added to Dimensions VIP is also added for free to any Dimensions Story Mode players.

All future stories that are included in Dimensions VIP are also included in Dimensions Story Mode. There is no need to buy anything else. This product includes all new character stories and storylines.

Our plans include at least four more full dimensions as well as further development in the existing dimensions, new girls and their stories, and stories in the main storyline. The development of the Dimensions universe has been going on for over three years and will continue for many more, all included in this one purchase.

Note: Included stories do not include for-purchase or content unlocked by having crypto tokens.

The stories are downloaded on demand and are stored locally after first download. The local cache is NOT viewable directly so no danger of anyone seeing your downloaded images. However, you must be online the first time you download storylines and individual stories.

You can find all the stories in Dimensions Story Mode in Dimensions VIP for free, but some storylines are hard to unlock and takes many hours of gameplay to uncover. Dimensions Story Mode is your shortcut to all the goodies, both the character stories, the dimension stories, and the main story.

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Dimensions: Story Mode gets a Steam Release!

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