Defending Lydia Collier

White Phantom Games
Early Access

This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


Defending Lydia Collier is the story of a London-based lawyer called in to defend the wife of one of the city’s most influential and wealthy businessmen who has recently disappeared.

You’ll be with the defendant during police interviews through to the trial in court, working to review the evidence and help build her case. It will be up to you to help fight Lydia’s case, and discover the truth of what really happened on that fateful night.

Along the way, you’ll meet various other characters and experience the life of a currently single, wealthy London lawyer.

Does your nineteen year old assistant Ellie catch your eye? Perhaps a local police officer with a colourful past, or take a risk and try and romance the Detective in charge of the entire case? With multiple different women crossing your path, it will be up to you to decide who you wish to interact with and choose to pursue romantically.

Dozens of different choices and decisions will lead you to different characters, different love interests and dozens of completely different playthroughs.

This game will contain swearing, nudity and adult scenes, along with a huge raft of fetishes.

No character or fetish is forced on you in Defending Lydia Collier, all fetishes and partners are optional and decided by Player choices.



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