Confined with Goddesses

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The MC has a girlfriend, but isn’t thinking about cheating. Even tho’ he knows they’re able to get him hard very easily, they all already are in couple so… “no danger”.

Mc’s goal: He’s surrounded by 4 girls, it’s a good opportunity to try to understand how to please a woman, by “discussing and observing” them, in the hope of being a better boyfriend.

– How will it turns out?

– Will he learn things by doing more than “discussing and observing”?

– Will the girls see in the MC someone that fits them more than their own companions?

– Will he even want to go back with his girlfriend at the end of the quarantine?

– Or will he start another relationship with someone else?‚Äč




2D CG Animated Male Protagonist


Oral Sex MILF Big Ass Big Tits

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