Catching Heat

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Catching Heat is a game like you’ve never played before.  Many aspects of the game are generated from AI.  With every build of the game, the visuals and other aspects of the game can change according to the whims of AI.

In Catching Heat, a horny succubus hatches a plan to get three lusty girls to seduce their close companion who really doesn’t want that kind of relationship.  She enlists the help of a creature that turns out to be more of a problem than expected.

This game is still in development, so expect visual and voice aspects of each build to vary wildly as our AI critters learn how to draw and speak.

You can support development and get early access to weekly game builds, exclusive custom builds, and other benefits by becoming a Patreon.  You can also follow deepglugs on twitter for additional game updates and news.




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Game Update

Catching Heat weekly build 0.0.15+

Game Update

Catching Heat 0.0.19 build

Game Update

Catching Heat Technical Demo

Game Update

Catching Heat 0.1.1 released

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