Bunny Splash Casino

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Welcome to a world where adult entertainment has become rampant! Take the role of the ever-peppy Cheqmate and inherit the Bunny Splash Casino, a place where becoming rich is secondary to pleasure! Oh, and there’s all kinds of pleasure to explore!~

Together with your bunny crew, manage the day-by-day of your casino by choosing the casino’s games and activities. Decorate the place to your liking and assure the hottest events in town! As the doors open up, it’s up to you to pleasure customers! Pair them to their favourite hosts, serve them the most delightful food and drinks and please their requests! All-in-all while you build your paradise of splashy lust!

However, building up a reputation from the ground up in the Red Light District is bound to attract competition! Rival businesses have taken notice! They are ready to come knocking at your door, challenging you to prove who is better at satisfying their patron’s entertainment and love! ❤️

We’re currently in pre-production, meaning it will be a while before actual screenshots start coming in. We’ll be posting updates with concept art, character sheets and more as development progresses, making this an open-development journey everyone can accompany since day 1! There’s plenty we have planned that we can’t wait to show you, and you can keep up with us over here or by following us over on Twitter!




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