Book of Korvald

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Erotic story-rich game that heavily blurs the lines between religion, folklore and cosmic horror.

Korvald’s is not a tale of heroism and justice, but of deceit and suffering provoked by powerful religious empires. His story begins as so many are ended. Family slain and taken from his now destroyed village, Korvald is branded as a heretic and condemned to death. Moments before the arrival of his executioner, Korvald is approached by an eldritch being named Qhroth’un and an agreement is made that will change everything…




2D Game Platformer Male Protagonist Uncensored Fantasy Horror Paranormal Combat


Big Ass Big Tits Blowjob Corruption Creampie Impregnation Female Domination Lesbian Male Domination Monster Religion Tit Fuck
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Book of Korvald [build 0.0.302]

Game Update

Book of Korvald [0.0.303]

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Public Update 0.0.310

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Public Release 0.1.0

Game Update

Book of Korvald [build 0.2.16]