Bancroft Academy Chirstmas Edition



This game your about to play is a Christmas special for my upcoming game “Bancroft Academy” (Formally “A Second Chance”)
The game is only about 30 mins to complete

Preview of the Bancroft Academy ‘s new plot:

You’re an up and coming wizard but little did the students at the Academy know they were in danger due to the Dark Elves trying their best to take a very powerful high Elf. As their army grows stronger MC and the closest friends he makes during his time at the Academy need to help him save the Academy from danger. Who would you befriend? Who will you lust for? What challenges would MC face during his training? And ultimately How will you save The Academy from this danger?
The choice is yours to make.

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Jay Edwin
Jay Edwin
9 months ago

Nice renders.
Linear plot (no choices).
Impressively bad grammar and spelling.
Improbable (/poorly explained) plot lines.

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